About Allie

 Allie Morse is a digital marketer, social media maven, unrepentant tinkerer, and young adult cancer survivor. The Good Hodgkin’s began in early 2011 as a response to her diagnosis with Stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma a month after her 23rd birthday. From humble beginnings as a personal cancer blog to keep friends and family updated, the blog has morphed as months turn into years of remission. Allie is still dedicated to the young adult cancer movement and hopes to shine light on cancer and other life-changing illnesses that impact people in their 20s and 30s.

During her battle with cancer, Allie continued to work full time, focusing on projects that could be completed where ever she had a laptop. This untraditional introduction to virtual marketing has become a sort of calling. Not wanting to let cancer get in the way of her career, Allie made her mark by becoming the so-called social media guru of the Brandeis University Alumni Association.

Allie is available to consult with colleges & universities, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses. She will also teach individuals computer and social media skills at all levels, analyse and structure personal brand management, and speak about marketing, social media, cancer, and young adult advocacy.

One comment on “About Allie
  1. mabelrae80 says:

    Defenately a true story of courage and perseverance
    Lymphoma Cancer

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