The Good Hodgkin’s

Before January 13th, I had not thought much about cancer. Aside from diabetes, high blood pressure, and a few other relatively minor conditions, my family was quite healthy. The only cancer in my family were two great aunts so it wasn’t something I ever felt that I had to worry about.

After sudden swelling in my armpit and, a few days later, a lymph node popping up on my collar bone, I immediately scheduled an appointment with my doctor thinking I had some kind of infection. 3 weeks and numerous tests later, I was diagnosed with nodular sclerosing Hodgkin lymphoma: the most common form of Hodgkin’s.

The good news is that it is incredibly treatable. If you’re going to get cancer, you want Hodgkin’s. Larry David refers to it as the “good Hodgkin’s”.

This blog will serve as a venting point and a way for my friends and family who are scattered across the globe to follow my treatment so everyone is on the same page.

Welcome to the world of the Good Hodgkin’s.

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