Pre-Chemo Jitters

My first round of chemo is on Friday and I’m already nervous about it. A few weeks ago, I had a chemo teach-in which could most be likened to a “scare you straight” program. I understand that all the possible complications and side effects need to be discussed, and there’s not exactly anything fun about chemo, but it’s terrifying all the same. I’ve been told to expect mouth sores, body pain that no painkiller will touch, nausea, conflicting GI issues (no need to explain there 😉 ), inability to eat, fatigue, and weakness that will leave me unable to leave bed for days at a time. Sounds like a blast.

I didn’t go to a super fun social event with a bunch of friends this weekend because I have it worked up in my head that this weekend will be my last “good” weekend in a year. This probably isn’t true, but the mere thought makes me incredibly antisocial.

Not knowing what to expect is the worst.

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2 comments on “Pre-Chemo Jitters
  1. amy says:

    how did i not know that you were blogging until today?

    you are going to kick ass– i have faith in you!

    i want to figure out a weekend during the summer i can go to boston to visit because i feel horrible that it’s kind of impossible for me to do much to help from New Orleans. Tell me good dates and I will take time off to come (though I will be in Paris the second half of July).

    i miss you time a million and want you to know that friday I will be thinking of you most of the day (especially since i have no class)

    love you

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Allie,

    I followed the link on your lj to end up here. It’s good to see you remaining so positive and I have full faith that you will indeed kick cancer’s ass. I’m crossing my fingers for you that chemo is much easier than you’ve been led to believe.

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