I promise I’ll have a real update soon…

But for right now I’m too tired.

Three things:

1) The hair is gone. Well, mostly gone. I have about a half inch left and must say I am rocking it. I’m pleasantly surprised by how I look with short hair. There will be a real post (with pictures!) coming soon.

2) My blood counts have been so good that I only have to go back to the doctor’s for chemo weeks, not the “off” weeks! This is hugely beneficially to my lifestyle so I’m not running back and forth quite so much to the doctors- not to mention a really great thing for my health. I can worry a little less (but still worry!) about being so immunosupressed.

3) I need a ride home from chemo on Friday. Say around 1ish? It’s from Newton-Wellesley to Somerville- maybe a half hour drive? OR you could come early (11ish) and hang out with me and get to partake in cupcakes from Cupcakory. They’re delivering me cupcakes after I requested they come on Twitter. The owner is fantastic! Plus om noms cupcakes.

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