“Except cancer isn’t so…. considerate”

Christopher Hitchens passed away yesterday from pneumonia as a result of his treatments for esophageal cancer. Many people toe their party lines; self proclaimed radicals are often not too radical at all. Hitchens splayed himself across the political landscape in a way that was both completely unreasonable, yet entirely logical. He and I disagreed on many things, but I found myself drawn to his reasoning no matter what the topic.

A few months ago, he wrote an essay for Vanity Fair about his cancer. I’m the ultimate consumer of cancer essay, and this one touched me like none other. I am finding it particularly poignant this week after “finding my voice” to speak about my experience in front of 30 people who I have shared a classroom with for a semester who had no idea.


What do I hope for? If not a cure, then a remission. And what do I want back? In the most beautiful apposition of two of the simplest words in our language: the freedom of speech.


I am so sorry that you did not get that remission, Christopher. The world has truly lost something real.

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