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Speech for Brandeis University Relay for Life 2015

This year, I was honored to not only be the co-captain of the Brandeis Alumni Relay for Life team but also was asked to give the survivor speech. In front of an audience of seven hundred, primarily students between the ages

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When do we forget?

“A few years from now, this will all feel like a bad, surreal dream,” my oncologist told me at diagnosis, all whimsical bowties and seriousness. August 12 came and went. There was no ceremony. In fact, I made it to

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Cancer and the Single Woman

Working in your alma mater’s communications office has challenges. Do I separate my alumni exuberance for more polite professional enthusiasm? How much do I insert myself as an alum versus a staff member? Do I throw a funeral for my

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Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Tweet

And it wasn’t even that hard! Confession time. Twitter used to intimidate me.  140 characters is quite brief for my sheer verbosity and what if I did something wrong? I mean, don’t these things take planning? And why do all

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Get out the hammer and nails, it’s redesign time

Two years in remission is approaching and I find myself having time to think – not about cancer – but about everything else. When I was a kid, I wanted a job where I could think. Today, I get to watch

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Human genes cannot be patented – what does it mean?

On Thursday, June 13, the Supreme Court unanimously made the landmark decision to not allow individual human genes to be patented or held for profit, and the entire cancer and general e-patient community took a tentative sigh of relief. But

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The disease that shall not be named

Except for mine. My biggest tumor in my cancer’d armpit’s name is Voldemort. And, like Voldemort, it’s presence is gone but will always leave a gnarly mark.   More about the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (#HAWMC) and wordless Wednesday

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5 Things You Should Know about Young Adult Cancer Survivorship

April is Health Activist Writer’s Month and brings the official Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (#HAWMC). WEGO Health has developed a month of writing to engage the health blogger community in discussion about our individual illnesses.

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10th Annual Young Adult Cancer Conference at Dana Farber – April 6

How does a day spent around some of the adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer movement’s most interesting, passionate, inquisitive and fearless warriors and supporters sound? Celebrate 10 years of coming together in support of the unique needs of young

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Dear Mr. Romney…

I try not to take politics personally, but when I hear you say that sick people can pursue care in the ER, what I hear you say is “I do not care to know the reality of the sick in

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