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What’s Your Latitude?

Fellow Hodgkin’s survivor Roger Lumpp posed a question to the Hodgkin’s support forum I am a member of earlier today: what is your latitude? Where is the place you escape to when things get tough and you have to dig

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I have a confession

I suck at updating blogs. You know there’s a problem when your dad is pestering you (through your mom of course) to get cracking on the blog.

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Meetings and Meanderings

I haven’t written in awhile because things, frankly, have been tough. At first I was pretty ashamed that dealing with a breakup felt much more difficult than living day to day life with cancer, then I came to a kind

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Noug dumped me on Monday.

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Mid-Treatment PET Scan

I had a PET scan on Tuesday and have been waiting on pins and needles for the results. Today was chemo day so I drove myself down to the hospital after spending the night at the Noug’s place (which has

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On Blogging

I love to hear that people read my blog, but I am even more happy when I hear that people are getting something out of it. I know at least one person has been made aware of the lack of

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Hair is Gone! And everything else I haven’t updated on lately

I haven’t forgotten about blogging! I’ve felt more tired lately (the beginnings of chemo fatigue?) and haven’t been in a blogging mood. I do have some good news! My blood work is so good that I don’t need to go

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Food that doesn’t suck, and also might fight cancer

When I was first diagnosed, I told myself that I would immediately change my diet to more healthful foods. A month and a half, several boxes of Girl Scout cookies, emptied Ben & Jerry’s containers, numerous frozen taquitos, and bags

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Chemo #2

Chemo #2 was on Friday and it went by much faster than the first. Saw Dr. O who noted that my largest tumor (aka my 3rd boob growing in my armpit) had shrunk dramatically and that the supraclavical node that

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You Deserve Health Care

Comedian Kelli Dunham, who is the partner and caregiver to a fellow Hodgkin’s warrior, brought up these points at a recent show: 1. It doesn’t have to be oozing green pus before I seek medical care. 2. I don’t have

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