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Dear Mr. Romney…

I try not to take politics personally, but when I hear you say that sick people can pursue care in the ER, what I hear you say is “I do not care to know the reality of the sick in

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Relapse Scare – the Lowdown

I have developed a lot of superstitions after getting sick. I never say that I’m cured. I bristle when I think about the word “remission”. I never let my brain dwell too hard on relapse. If any of these thoughts cross

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Three is a magic number

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about math. More specifically, why I hate math.

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Unless you’ve been in a cave for the past 2 weeks, you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That means everything is plastered with pink – from radio commercials to my favorite restaurant to just about every general

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Occupy… what?

People keep asking me what I think of Occupy Wall Street and, by proxy, Occupy Boston. After all, I seem like the perfect fit in the movement: politically engaged, a history of political organizing and activism, and a story that

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