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Side Effects Round 1

Apparently I fall under the “nerve damage” category of chemo patients. Most of my side effects after the first treatment have been nerve related. Have I mentioned that I’m a total wimp for pain? The day after chemo, I felt

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1 Chemo Down, 15 More to Go!

I’m not sure what I expected of chemo. The whole thing was fairly anticlimatic. First I had an appointment with my oncologist who just did a quick examination. Then I was sent into the “infusion room”. Infusion is just another

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Pre-Chemo Jitters

My first round of chemo is on Friday and I’m already nervous about it. A few weeks ago, I had a chemo teach-in which could most be likened to a “scare you straight” program. I understand that all the possible

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The Port: The Aftermath

I am pleased to say that being overweight is my saving grace with the port. You can’t see the port besides what looks like some slight swelling nor can you see the catheter. This might change as some more of

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Tomorrow morning at 9AM, I will be wheeled into surgery to get my mediport/portacath, which shall henceforth be called a “port”. Surgery might be too strong of a word… I believe my doctor referred to it as a “procedure”. I

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