Allie Morse is available for freelance new media marketing and branding work and to speak about the young adult cancer experience, young adult health advocacy, and give motivational talks at fundraisers, events, schools, and for corporate clients. I also accept interviews with the media and for school projects. Email for requests.

Furthermore, if you are another cancer fighter or caregiver to a young adult, do not hesitate to contact Allie via a comment, email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

2 comments on “Contact
  1. Andrea says:

    Thank you for this. I read it the night before my first (with any luck only) BMB. I was so scared, but this really calmed me down. And you were right. Uncomfortable pressure, but other than that I was fine. And I felt like a badass.

    • aemorse says:

      You absolutely SHOULD feel like a Badass with a capital B. I think about adding it to my business card sometimes. I’m glad you came through the BMB well and hope treatment is equally uneventful!

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