My cancer diagnosis came after 5 years of tedious misdiagnoses where my doctors did not take my concern seriously. I am grateful to be able to use my voice to speak about young adult illness and health advocacy for a group of people who often feel that they have less at stake in discussions about healthcare.

Interacting with the world while going through cancer by necessity teaches you to navigate sensitive waters. Be it explaining a bone marrow biopsy, comforting a stranger in a waiting room, or triaging crisis management communications for a major institution, I am an adept teacher, diplomat, and communicator.


I am an educator. As a point of reference about social media, marketing, web design, graphics, and help desk 101 topics, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

Past clients have included grandparents who need a helping hand to set up a social media presence to communicate with grandchildren, office workers who want an edge, colleagues who are tired of WYSIWYG editors, and professional branding consultation from C-suite level executives to college interns.

I am available for lessons, consulting, or freelance social media management.

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