As an 8 year old, I had a collection of dresses – always twirly, never with polka dots – that I referred to as my “author dresses”. Donning such a dress, I would sit for hours in front of my Office 95 version of Word, typing out stories to be featured in memory boxes, hung on refrigerator doors, and even published in several volumes of O, Georgia! Too, a statewide anthology of children’s stories.

Today, I write less about the fairies and shipwrecks of my childhood (and wear a lot more polka dots), but found the perfect match for my analytical AND creative sides in the world of digital marketing.


  • AP style
  • Content Generation
  • Copyediting
  • Copyediting
  • Copywriting
  • Vendor relations

The Good Hodgkin’s
Following a cancer diagnosis, I began blogging to keep family and friends updated about my health. My blog, The Good Hodgkin’s (a play on Hodgkin’s lymphoma being the “good” cancer), became a platform for young adult health advocacy which has been used as a reference for new patients by the Dana-Farber Young Adult program, Stupid Cancer, Lymphoma.com, and several other online resources for cancer patients. I continue to blog about survivorship, politics, e-patient advocacy, healthcare social media, and digital marketing.

You can find my professional work at:
Brandeis University Bold: Brandeisians of the Last Decade web content

Flat Ollie campaign and postcard

Bold brochure (link to come)

LouieNews monthly alumni newsletter

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